Man, there’s a bear on my stoop!


bear carving

Many of you like to refer to it as your stoop. Many more of you perhaps like to keep things in accordance with tradition. You are still calling it the good old verandah, a great place to place a couple of comfortable deck chairs, relax and look over the comforting landscape in front of you, whether this be your small garden patch or a good stretch of the open country. Or in the middle of a preserved forest somewhere. In this case, you are surrounded by nature. How awesome can that be?

See the animals frolicking about or going about their daily business foraging for food before the next period of winter migration sets in. amazing! While many animals migrate to warmer climes, the giant grizzly bear and all its cousins simply burrows itself into its nest and goes to sleep. You wonder about this. It is a natural wonder alright. But in any case, you do not see much of the bears these days. Apart from the fact that they generally like to keep to themselves, they have also been under environmental threat lately.

You get the point. You wonder if it will ever come to that. But as quickly as you would run from a grizzly should you ever see one galloping towards you, you perish this thought. You preserve a good memory rather. You have a bear carving placed on your stoop rather. But it is wondered. It is wondered whether your stoop is big enough because these bear carvings are life size models. You do know how big brown bears and grizzly bears are, don’t you? Anyhow, if you love the animals as much as these guys do, you might to consider carvings of other species as well.